Call me, if you care to keep in touch

We went from e-mail to text to Friendster to Facebook to Google+

Everywhere there are snippets of my friend’s lives

I comment on this picture or that activity

People text, because it’s convenient

You can just send that little snippet out there, but you don’t have to be present for the conversation

You can choose to respond or not

You can think about what smart thing to say

I believe in staying in touch IN PERSON, or, if that’s not possible at least in spoken word, on the phone

There is no safety net, no cushion of distance, that will protect you from awkward moments

Not knowing what to say, how to respond, fearing to ask

But being present with the conversation and not having that cushion is the only way to converse meaningfully

For every step down the technology ladder takes a bit of humanity away

Your conversation partner becomes a mere picture in your mind

Without their real emotions shown in facial expressions, body language, tone of voice

The latter is the last real bit we have in a phone conversation

Not an ideal replacement to face to face interaction, but at least a bit of a human connection,

that is uncensored, true and authentic

Text, e-mail, facebook.. lifeless letters on a page

Censored by your wish to appear cool, desirable, in control

If you want to stay in touch, call me, hang out with me…

The only way of true and authentic interaction