Hello! My name is Sabine. I am launching Unleash Your Best Self as I believe a better world starts with each and everyone of us. There cannot be a big “top down” movement, that will result in more compassion, more understanding, respect, happier lives, well-being, fairness etc. That can only happen through the initiative taken be every single person… and that initiative may very well have to start with improving ourselves which will inevitably have an impact on our surroundings.

My interests are in positive psychology and neuroscience. I am fascinated by a lot of the recent research studies in those fields, as they scientifically prove, that we can change who we are for the better, that we have a choice. It is our obligation to make a choice for bettering ourselves and consequently our surroundings. We are not victims of upbringing, genetics or other unchangeable factors. Those definitely have an impact, but it is in our hands to constantly strive for improvement. I see difference in upbringing or genetics as simply launching from a different starting block.  It doesn’t matter where you start from… what matters is what you do from there onwards.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” -Mahatma Gandhi

I am no professional psychologist or neuroscientist, which makes my writings more accessible to the layman. I enjoy taking classes and reading books or articles in these fields. I will point to my sources, so you can follow up on deeper reading.

I appreciate comments, constructive criticism or suggestions. I will try this out without approving comments. I believe everyone has a right to voice their opinion.