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My friend posted this photo of himself on Facebook (yes, I got permission to use it..) with the comment “I swear, one day I will actually grow up. In the meantime …” 1456121_10102584665960503_629784259_n People started commenting “Yeah, never grow up..”, “Grownies are no FUN” etc. This just bugs me beyond believe. Displaying random silliness and not caring what others think about it, does not mean you are not grown up. On the contrary! And no, I don’t think never growing up is the coolest thing one can do.

Never wanting to grow up is the most ignorant and laziest life form there is.. Never wanting to grow up means not taking responsibility of your own life, it means not taking responsibility of your own emotions, it means not learning every day and growing every day.

Being an adult yet able to express childlike wonder, being able to be in the moment with so much presence only a child can muster, actually requires you to have grown up! It requires us to have gone through the motions of re-learning. We all get conditioned with “should be”, “must”, “have to”, “expected to”. We all get conditioned to worry about the future, most of us are shown how to ruminate in the past.

We have to GROW UP and re-learn, but this time with more understanding, rather than presence and innocence being the default state we are born with. Understanding our shadows, allowing and accepting all emotions and being able to let them be. Understanding we are not our emotions or our thoughts, understanding the wonders of life and the universe and therefore being able to be present like an innocent child.

I wish for a world where everyone takes the responsibility to grow up. For a world of love, innocence and silliness…


Hello Everyone… I know I am waaay overdue to submit another post.. I am working on it and it will be out soon. I am writing about attachment theory and what it has to do with compassion, so stay tuned….!

However, in the meantime I would like to let you know, that Stanford is offering its Choosing Happiness class again next semester! It is a great class for everyone who is interested in happiness and positive psychology. It is being taught by Laura Delizonna, who worked as a staff psychologist and was a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford’s School of Medicine. She received a PhD from Boston University.

I took this class a few years ago and my blog is in part inspired by it. It is largely based on Dr. Martin Seligman’s book Authentic Happiness, but Laura has developed her own “toolkit” of happiness habits. This coming semester it will be conducted on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 – 8:50 p.m. Take charge of your own happiness! I will also post about why I think pursuing ones happiness is not selfish or narcissistic… stay tuned!!!