The beginning of the year I took part in a 9 week Stanford Study called “Cultivating Compassion”. The study was initiated by the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education and the idea is to find out whether specific compassion meditation will improve compassion in individuals.

Stanford Continuing Studies now offers a course on this subject. It is taught by my favorite professor Kelly McGonigal. The study session were led by her as well and I have known her from other Continuing Studies classes I attended at Stanford. I can only recommend both the subject matter as well as the teacher. In the continuing studies course she will probably combine the meditation practice with the scientific research studies on the subject.

I have taken her class The Science of the Calmed Mind a year and half ago and it was fabulous. She combined teaching different meditation practices with the latest research studies on meditation. I assume The Science of the Compassionate Mind will follow a similar structure.